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Apostle Josephine Ujunma Holm is a great woman of God. She is married to Engineer Michael K. Holm and they have two daughters to the glory of God. Apostle Josephine Ujunma Holm’s husband, Michael, is in charge of the technical aspects of the church. A great man of God, determined to follow the instructions of the Lord.

The name of the church used to be “The City of Praising God, The Koinonia Christian Church of God.” But during a prayer session, the Spirit of the Lord ordered us to change it to “Zion, The City of God.” So we obeyed the Lord by registering our church as “Zion, The City of God” here in Denmark. Often times in the Bible the Lord changed the name of a person or city to indicate his seal on that person or city. Therefore, we were happy to receive the Lord’s promotion and recognition.

Nehemiah 9:7,   You, Lord God, chose Abram and led him out of Ur in Babylonia;
you changed his name to Abraham.

Numbers 13:16, These are the spies Moses sent to explore the land. He changed the name of Hoshea son of Nun to Joshua.

Numbers 32:38, Nebo, Baal Meon (this name was changed), and Sibmah. They gave new names to the towns they rebuilt.

Josephine Ujunma Holm has powerful abilities in praying and preaching causing many people to receive their full inheritance and potential in Christ Jesus through prayers and confessions of the Word of God.


Great Testimony

Apostle Josephine Ujunma Holm is an educated healthcare worker and she has used that qualification to serve the old people in elderly homes and private homes many years before she surrendered to the work of the Lord. The Lord called her in her late twenties but she ran for fifteen years, until an experience like that of Jonah in the Bible occurred in her life and she was forced to surrender by the Lord.

At that time, she resigned from her healthcare job and went to Bible School in order to acquire knowledge. There she found out that Bible Schools and universities cannot train any person to be a pastor. It has to be a divine calling from God, because when she was in Bible School no one among the teachers and pastors, who taught in the Bible School, knew how to help her fully understand her calling. When she contacted other pastors, they did not really know how to handle her case, though many prayed for and with her besides giving her the advice they could. She devoted herself in fasting and praying to the Lord, there were many days where she had dry fasting from Friday to Sunday, where nothing touched her tongue – not even water. From that moment, the Lord began to train her, so that no human being could take the glory.

When the Lord told her to write the first prayer book, she knew she had to execute that work and after that, the Lord trained her to write more books with more excellence. This is to show that the first training of the Lord is not about perfection, it is about seeing whether you can fulfill the task. We saw that in the life of David in the Bible, when he killed Goliath. He didn’t know how to use weapons of war but he fulfilled the task and God continued to train him.

So you see if the Lord has called you, he is the only one who can train you in the area where he wants your service, and he will also make the enemies who fight against you be like Pharaoh and his cohorts in the bible, because he fought against God and not a man. For that reason Apostle Josephine Ujunma Holm says that those who fight against her fights against the Lord and she has nothing to be worried about. Glory to God!


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